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Deep Root Liquid Fertilizer: Fertilization of trees and shrubs is just as important as fertilizing your lawn. Healthy trees and shrubs are less likely to attacked by insects or succumb to disease issues. Just like humans, trees and shrubs need nutrients as well. Fertilizer that is applied to your lawn, is short release, which is primarily absorbed by the lawn, never reaching the roots of the trees and shrubs. HVPHC uses a slow release product that is injected into the soil under the canopy (drip line) of the trees and shrubs (beneath the roots of the lawn). HVPHC’S tree and shrub fertilizer is viable for up to one year and is performed on a yearly basis. Tree and shrub fertilization can be done anytime during the year, except when the ground is frozen, or in drought conditions. HVPHC does most of their deep root feeding in the fall months, to optimize it’s benefits.

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