BorerBorers can be very destructive in landscape settings. The larva stage of the insect is active in the living tissues beneath the plant bark.  The living tissue beneath the bark is important for growth and conduction of water and nutrients. Borers interrupt the flow of water and nutrients in the plant, which can cause serious dieback.  These insects can be difficult to control.  Tree or soil injection is the most effective method for direct control. To help avoid borer attacks, keep your trees as healthy and vigorous as possible. These insects are opportunistic, seeking out weakened trees to infest.  Borers are common pests of birch, peach, dogwood, pines, lilac, rhododendron and cherries. The emerald ash borer (EAB) [See Above] is a very destructive borer and has been recently discovered in our area. It is very easily treatable with injections to the tree.